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Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.  We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re a satisfied customer, too!

Satisfied Customers


I’ve been using the beard oil for roughly two months now and have been really impressed with it. For me putting applying after a shower works wonders for the rest of the day.  It has helped with my beard wanting to tangle up. It also keeps my beard really soft and the dandruff down.

Roger K.


What I like most about your lady’s soap is the length of time the bar lasts, the way it makes my skin feel and the perfume.  I will have a testimonial from Roger about the soap for men in another day or two.

Many thanks,

I love you,




“OLD MAN SMELL” Anyone? My husband had been battling this offensive odor which seems to come from head and neck area and which permeated his shirts, coats, pillow, bed linens and bathrobe, thereby present in his closet. He has tried multiple soaps, deodorants, shampoos, treatments including Yardly Green Soap recommended on line by just googling.

Two months ago Cousin Janet tucked a very large green/ivory colored soap bar labeled “Just For Men” from the Texas Soap Company into a gift box when we visited her in Illinois. Emanating from that soap bar was an intriguing aroma calling out “TRY ME!” and after my husband’s (head to toe) shower with that handsome, wonderful soap bar the battle was over. Sniff test to pillow, bed linens, bathrobe and closet continue to be negative for “OLD MAN SMELL” and the remedy = Daily head to toe shower with “Just For Men” from Texas Soap Company!!


The Moyers, from Westover, MD.



Your soap is so amazing I feel like I am giving myself the pleasure of a spa treatment while bathing in pure luxury every time I use it.  The texture of the soap and the scent that I choose for myself is so relaxing I just cannot say enough.  I give these soaps out for gifts and to say thank you to both male and females.  I am always pleased when everyone asks me where I got them.  I was so excited to send my family from Italy home with the Texas flag soap as a great souvenir for them to enjoy! – Theresa M.


The scents are amazing.  The soap fits my hands perfectly.  Even the bathroom smells great because of this soap! – Jeff H.

2015 Jriangle Facebook

Dear Michelle,

The soaps I purchased from Texas Soap Company are extra-ordinary–skin-friendly, long-lasting, natural ingredients, pleasing scents, refreshingly cleansing, leaving no residue, good variety of scents for both men and women! These soaps are created and cured with special care by Michelle.     I love using these soaps and giving them as gifts to family and friends.


Jan K.



I love the different kinds of bar soap.  They provide that special treat of new scents and colors when you are expecting the same old bar of soap.  I love the “massage” surface of the oatmeal bar soap, also.  I have enjoyed all the scents so far and have 4 more to go that I haven’t yet unpackaged.  Enjoying each one as long as I can…

Jamie P.