Castor oil is a versatile multipurpose oil. It can be used in many applications such as personal care, industrial, and culinary. Castor oil uses are as abundant as its benefits; in fact, Castor oil benefits are probably a major reason why most people hold it in such high regard! It’s derived from the seed of the castor oil plant, and (if you have the heart, mind, and stomach for it) you will be greeted by a very unique taste and mild aroma.

Country of Origin: India

Source of Oil: Castor Plant Seeds

Natural: Yes

Purity: 100%

Extraction Method: Expeller Pressed

Refinement Status: Refined

The oil is extracted from crushing the seeds and has been used as a centuries old remedy use by traditional healers for inflammation and bacterial infections. In the present time, it’s anti-oxidant properties  has been vastly studied and thus it is more commonly used for its medicinal and therapeutic benefits. As a beauty care agent for the skin and hair, it is one of the most widely used ingredients in cosmetics, soaps, massage oils etc


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