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Michelle Barth

About The Owner

     My husband David and I went to Fredericksburg, TX to celebrate our anniversary.  We went into a store and there was a stand with handmade soap, lotion, and a few other items.  I smelled the soap and thought it was alright.  I went back to that display two other times.  The last time I went to the display, I thought “I could do this.” 


     I went home and started reading everything I could on soap making.  The reoccurring thought I had was that I could definitely make soap.  The big question for me was “can I afford to start such a venture”?  I went to every website that I could find and started comparing prices on the basic ingredients and equipment that I would need to make soap.  I became very excited because I came to the conclusion that I could afford the basic necessary items to start making soap.


     I read that I could purchase the basic ingredients at my local grocery store but that did not sound like the level of ingredients that I wanted to use for my soaps. I wanted quality oils for the soap and essential oils for fragrance. I found a couple companies that sold in bulk and made my first order from an online apothecary.  Some fragrances, Lilac for example, can't be produced as essential oil, so for those I used the next best thing, fragrance oils.

    I made my first batch of soap and I was hooked! In the fall of 2015, Texas Soap Company was born. 

Michelle Barth - Owner of Texas Soap Company