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Are you as concerned about what goes on your body as well as in it?  Texas Soap Company believes that you should have top-quality products, to nourish your skin, just as you want to take care of your body within.  The finest essentials oils, fragrance oils and carrier oils are used to give you the confidence that you are using the best for yourself and your family.

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I’ve been using the beard oil for roughly two months now and have been really impressed with it. It keeps my beard really soft and the dandruff down.

Roger K.

       What I like most about your soap is the length of time the bar lasts, the way it makes my skin feel…


… “OLD MAN SMELL” and the remedy = daily head to toe shower with “Texas Untamed” bar soap from Texas Soap Company!

The Moyers – Westover, MD

…they provide that special treat of new scents and colors when you are expecting the same old bar of soap…


… extra-ordinary–skin-friendly … I love using these soaps and giving them as gifts to family and friends.


About Us

     My husband David and I went to Fredericksburg, TX to celebrate our anniversary.  We went into a store and there was a stand with handmade soap, lotion, and a few other items.  I smelled the soap and thought it was alright.  I went back to that display two other times.  The last time I went to the display, I thought “I could do this.” 

     I went home and started... more

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